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Cheeky Goat Soapery

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Flamingo; Dickmingo

Flamingo; Dickmingo


So, this bar is scented in Pink Grapefurit and Key Lime. It’s bright, happy, fun, has some cute soap dough flamingos on the top. Win/win right? Wrong. When I planned the swirl, I didn’t consider that some of them may look, uh, phallic. And yeah, they do, just go to our FB page to see what I am talking about. Anyways, so some of these are the loving Flamingos I had planned… others are well, Dickmingo’s.

Before you buy, there are some things to note about hand crafted soap- for a longer lasting bar, remove from direct water and allow the soap to dry between uses. We recommend a soap dish with raised bits for full aeration. We make no claims on our soap, as soap is a wash off product. However, we hope you are captivated by the scents, colors, and enjoy your soap experience.

If anyone is telling you soap will allow you to grow wings or other such claims, we would dearly love to see their FDA , peer reviewed, science backed research. (Plus your pics of your new wings!)

All our soaps are Real soap, not detergent. They contain no phthalates, preservatives, SLS , or BS claims.

On that note! Soap is meant for cleaning your exterior skin surface only. It is Not for internal use.

This is a smooth feel recipe and contains Lard, Olive Oil Coconut Oil, Goats Milk, Lye, Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Lanolin, Sodium Lactate, Sugar, Raw Cruelty Free Silk, Mica, and Titanium Dioxide.

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