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Cheeky Goat Soapery

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It started off with a kid… How could it turn into this?

This little soap shop started off with our beloved Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. (If you want to read more about our herd, check out So there we were, with this wonderful herd of goats, and milk, so, So much milk! One of my very best friends, Laurelle at Top Flight Farm, makes some of the most outstanding soap I had ever seen, and had been offering to teach me for many years. Finally, I made the time to try, and after one batch, I was convinced this was the art form I had been searching for my entire life.

So, here we are, years later, and my soap obsession has continued forward. We are so excited to enjoy this explosive growth of my little soap shop, and appreciate all of those who have held out a hand to help us take a step up in each stage. I also have to give credit to Amy Warden, of Great Cakes Soap Works, and her monthly Soap Challenge Club, as it has enabled me to become a better soap maker, and certainly a better soap photographer!

Our “team” consists of myself, my husband Danny, our daughters Olivia and Victoria, and of course, the goats! Being a small family operation means we are also lucky enough to have input from one of the most wonderful and inspiring people in my life, my incredible Father. Easily my biggest cheerleader, he’s also fast to offer names, ideas, and input to new ways to show case our soap! He is also the worlds very best grandfather to our youngest Olivia, and they have grand adventures together that often inspire new soap ideas!

We are a company that strongly believes in limited plastic, and being Palm Oil free. That’s why we strive to have all our packaging and mailing plastic free and/or biodegradable, and All our soaps are Palm Oil free.

We also don’t believe in pretending our soap is anything more than just that. Soap. Soap is a wash off product, so, by that logic, it can Not be moisturizing, tightening, or cure cancer. I should know, as I am a Pediatric Oncology Research RN, and I promise you, if I had a soap that could cure anything, I would be giving it out free to our kids on the units.

We have a very active Facebook page by the same name, as well as Instagram. So if you are interested in the day to day happenings and creations, please come find us!